2015-10-23 15:24
Cosmetic shaper is especially made for those who are willing to have a much beautiful silhouette and lighter body weight.

As far as I’m concerned; shapewear is a necessity for your closet and the right shapewear can give you curves on all the right places. It can eliminate your worries about looking pudgy in a fitted dress and it’s absolutely one of the most clever fashion quick-fix "tools" ever invented. Today, what I’m going to show you is Slim Muse® shapewear. If you’ve tried it before, you might be in for a surprise. Advantages of Slim Muse® This revolutionary shapewear is microencapsulated with caffeine, shea butter and green tea. The rubbing action of the fabric against your skin breaks the microcapsules and releases the cosmetic ingredients to improve the body and the textile targeted area with sculpting zones. It is comfortable to wear and you will fit into your old tight pants or skirt. Size range Size from Small to XL, it’s enough stretchy, so, it can fit you very well. Can we wear underwear under Slim Muse® shapewear? Bra and underpants are allow to be worn, but just bra and underpants, no more else. To be effective, this shapewear must be in direct contact with the skin. So you can wear bra to lift your bust and an underpants for protecting. Overall, Slim Muse® shapewear are super popular right now, so even if they don’t work you’ll still be able to wear them. You’re worth owning it.
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